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Admission Open 2022-23





Registration & Admission :-

  1. The school is from classes Nursery to Standard XI. The lower age limit for the admission to class Nursery is 3 ( Three ) as on 1st April of the year of joining the school Similarly co – relation of age and the class to which admission is sought is a must . 
  2. The birth certificate from the Municipal Board / Panchayat or from a recognized school by the Stale Government , Central Government or Union Territory only , will be acceptable . Students may be asked to withdraw from the school if at any stage it is found that the proof of age or nay documents produced to the school is not correct . 
  3. The application for the Admission should be sent to the principal on the prescribed from attached to the prospectus along with required documents within the due date as notified by the school authority . 
  4. On receipt of the duly filled Admission From along with documents , the candidate’s name is registered for the class and the session only for which Admission is sought . However , applying carries no guarantee for Admission . All students must appear physically for Admission axcept Nursery class . 
  5. All fees are accepted in cash only . Incomplete Admission form will not be accepted and such rejected case will not be entertained and thus no correspondence will be made with parents / Guardians who send / submit incomplete form . 
  6. Once the candidate is allowed admission to the school , He / She is meant for the whole current academic session . Except in proper transfer case ( which means the production of Transfer letter of the candidate’s parents issued by the state Government , Central Government or UT ) , no candidate will be issued School Leaving Certificate or Transfer Certificate in the midst of the session unless and the until his / her fees for the whole current year is paid in which he / she has got the admission . 
  7. Fees once deposited will not refunded.
  8. The decision of the management of the school for the admission if final.

Documents Required for Admission :-

a. A photo copy of birth certificate Municipal/Gram Panchayat/Hospital/Nursing Home duly attested.
b. A copy of report card from the school last attended duly attested.
c. Five passport size photographs with school dress.
d. Transfer certificate from previous school duly attested.
e. Blood group (photo copy).

Syllabus for Admission Test :-

Admission Test for the Classes (UKG) and onwards, will be taken  English, Maths, Science,G.K, and   Social Studies.

Withdrawal Policy :-

1. The child may be withdrawal from the school after prior written notice of one month, after payment of the whole year academic charge and
2. If a child is expelled from the school no readmission of fees is permissible.

Rule of Regulation :-

1. At the time of admission all fees should be deposited at the school office in cash
2. Fees at the time of admission should be paid within stipulated period. Therefore monthly fees are to be paid within 10th of every month.
3. Parents are requested to note that once admission is granted, no fee is refundable.
4. All dues must be paid before a T.C can be issued from the school office.
5. All fees are subject to revision from time to time. However the revision would be directly proportional to facilities provided to students.
6. In case of any difficulty a Guardians may meet to the principal who would under all possible assistance.